Kunstraum Backstube 

is my gallery and at the same time my studio. This lively togetherness makes this place something special and unusual. Here you have the opportunity to watch me work live as well as view the current exhibition and buy works of art. Two to three times a year I open my doors for exhibitions in collaboration with other artists, for performances and happenings. My interests as a gallery owner lie in, on the one hand, introducing you to topics that affect me personally and, on the other hand, introducing special artistic personalities and their works of art.


Frankensteiner Str. 5, 64297 Darmstadt-Eberstadt   

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Opening times:     

Mondays from 4 pm to 7 pm;
Thursdays from 11 am to 2 pm
and by appointment.


I am looking forward to your visit, Ulrike E Sticher


In September 2020 I opened Kunstraum Backstube. The name of my gallery comes from the fact that baked goods were made and sold in these rooms for many decades. Many Eberstadt residents still remember that for the local fair or other occasions they brought their cakes on baking trays, which the baker first placed on stands in the yard and then gradually baked. In the past, bread was made here and today - in the present - works of art are created and sold. Both were and are creative, beautiful, challenging and nourishing processes. And these rooms have always been and still are a meeting place for people.





Ulrike E Sticher

Visual Artist, Gallery Owner, Curator

My pictures are created either at home in my studio or on a stage in front of an audience. Many of my pictures begin with an intuitive painterly dance with two brushes, over which I set colors delicately glazed or saturated and clear on top of each other and next to each other in the further course of painting. The content of my works is always an examination of life and being human, whether in private or socially relevant contexts. I see my pictures as a bearer of hope and encouragement, even when it comes to critical and questioning topics. As a visionary, I would like to use my art to help make the world a better place for togetherness and life.

My professional biography as well as a detailed discussion of my art is available on my website